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Operation Torrent is a film about one Special Operation Veteran’s journey by Stand-Up Paddleboard across open water, the roughest seas, the harshest storms, and the darkest nights, as the living metaphor for what every Veteran may face after combat and then returning to civilian life. Also, to conquer the challenges of living/coping with the effects of multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Post Traumatic Stress. Operation Torrent is the story of overcoming the often debilitating symptoms, and without the life altering meds, or alcohol that can be just as crippling. This mission will culminate with the first ever successful completion of the 750 mile Race to Alaska (R2AK) by SUP, and along with several extreme distance races in preparation. Regardless of how tough it gets, we are never alone! 

50% of proceeds will go directly to purchasing InLight Medical Systems to supply to Veterans free of charge. 


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