About Us


We have all hit that moment in life where we stare into the unknown and say, “What now?” Article 15 Clothing is the answer to that question for four Veterans. We are hell bent on the idea that failure at life is not an option and giving something back is the only answer.

As Article 15 Clothing developed from an idea to a reality, the guiding light has been to provide the best quality of clothing to our supporters. In addition, to bring laughter and awareness to the men and women who have so selflessly protected our freedoms. Article 15 Clothing’s branding hopes to bring together the community and show how we support our constitutional rights and the brave souls who protect them.

As MBest11x (a YouTube Channel started by Article 15 Clothing President, Mat Best) has grown in popularity, the founding members of Article 15 Clothing strive to generate increasingly better quality of videos, online entertainment, and community support. Every shirt or product bought through Article 15 Clothing fuels this goal. For instance, this funding helps provide helicopters, celebrity cameos, pro athlete appearances, and more than anything donations to the Veteran community.

The Future. As in any business, we hope to continue our growth in popularity while providing a consistent quality in our products. We want our brand to be known for our support of the military, civil servants, and the outdoor lifestyle. Our mission is not to simply grow as a business, but to grow with our supporters as a community. We here at Article 15 Clothing believe laughter is one of the most important things in life. So may we laugh in the face of adversity and never forget the heavy cost of freedom.

-Article 15 Crew.